Today is the 194th day of 2019 and the 23rd day of summer.

TODAY'S HISTORY: In 1863, draft riots began in New York City. An estimated 1,000 people were killed or wounded.

In 1973, Alexander Butterfield, deputy assistant to President Richard Nixon, revealed the existence of the "Nixon Tapes" to a senatorial committee investigating the Watergate scandal.

In 1977, a 25-hour blackout hit the New York City area, leaving some 9 million people in darkness and resulting in looting and disorder.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: John Clare (1793-1864), poet; John Jacob Astor IV (1864-1912), businessman; Bob Crane (1928-1978), actor; Jack Kemp (1935-2009), football player/politician; Patrick Stewart (1940- ), actor; Robert Forster (1941- ), actor; Harrison Ford (1942- ), actor; Cheech Marin (1946- ), actor/comedian; Cameron Crowe (1957- ), filmmaker; Tom Kenny (1962- ), actor/comedian; Ken Jeong (1969- ), actor/comedian.

TODAY'S FACT: Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison all proposed that Congress pass some form of mandatory military conscription or registration, but none of the proposals succeeded.

TODAY'S SPORTS: In 1930, France defeated Mexico 4-1 and the United States defeated Belgium 3-0 in the first World Cup soccer matches, held in Montevideo, Uruguay.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "O words are poor receipts for what time hath stole away. -- John Clare

TODAY'S NUMBER: 1.9 billion -- estimated global audience (in 150 countries) that watched the Live Aid concerts, broadcast on this day in 1985 to raise money for African famine relief.

TODAY'S MOON: Between first quarter moon (July 9) and full moon (July 16).

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019

Today is the 195th day of 2019 and the 24th day of summer.

TODAY'S HISTORY: In 1789, the French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille in Paris.

In 1881, infamous outlaw Billy the Kid was shot to death by Sheriff Pat Garrett near Fort Sumner in New Mexico.

In 1965, NASA's Mariner 4 began its flyby of Mars, taking the first close-up photos of the planet.

In 2015, NASA's New Horizons probe became the first spacecraft to explore Pluto.

In 2016, a truck was driven into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, killing 86 people.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), painter; Woody Guthrie (1912-1967), singer-songwriter/musician; Gerald Ford (1913-2006), 38th U.S. president; Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007), screenwriter/director; Harry Dean Stanton (1926-2017), actor; Jane Lynch (1960- ), actress; Matthew Fox (1966- ), actor; Brian Selznick (1966- ), writer/illustrator; Darrelle Revis (1985- ), football player; Conor McGregor (1988- ), mixed martial artist.

TODAY'S FACT: NASA's New Horizons probe is currently more than 4 billion miles from Earth, traveling at 32,000 mph through the Kuiper Belt.

TODAY'S SPORTS: In 1999, the Western Conference defeated the Eastern Conference 79-61 to win the first WNBA All-Star Game.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "Time can play all sorts of tricks on you. In the blink of an eye, babies appear in carriages, coffins disappear into the ground, wars are won and lost, and children transform, like butterflies, into adults." -- Brian Selznick, "The Invention of Hugo Cabret"

TODAY'S NUMBER: $192.7 million -- total price fetched for four paintings by Gustav Klimt at a Christie's auction in 2006.

TODAY'S MOON: Between first quarter moon (July 9) and full moon (July 16).

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