Congratulations! My Mom 80,000 on a scratcher last June. Make sure you put back at least $5,000 for next years taxes. That is how much more she had to pay in after they took out the 29%.

I wonder if she will smoke with her son in the car anymore?

Akoch commented on Thurman gets life in prison

blasterrat is correct. I am not against the death penalty but with all the apeals that the state (tax payers) have to pay for an inmate that gets handed a death sentence, it is cheaper to keep them locked up forever. What this monster did was a horrible crime. I am happy to know that he is …

Akoch commented on Buxton to get new judge

shame shame


Akoch commented on Potosi inmate dies

@twartenbe, PCC is a level 5 prison. Alot of inmates will die in there. Most of them are "lifers". He could have been elderly,had cancer,HepC,HIV/Aids,Heart disease etc etc etc.

@trenticus hahaha.... really? They must have forgot to teach you how to spell. You just made a fool out of yourself. I was glad to read that the firefighters will be alright. Great job on the photos DJ.

band_mom I thought that too.

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