blasterrat1 commented on Downtown Fredericktown

Yes it is ashame. Your not alone. P.H isn't any better. They might give you a ticket for not mowing the sidewalk!! Those fireworks? More important than infrastructure for sure.



blasterrat1 commented on Charges filed against one top grad

If selling clothing is an abusive job. Then what is a job on a ditch digging crew, or any other job of physical labor? A four letter word where the devil resides! Similar to jail. So yes. He had better toughen up if He wants to be a thief.

blasterrat1 commented on Owner prohibits commuter parking

I just wish they would fix the smell of sewer behind Hardees. Kind of makes one not so hungry while waiting in the drive thru.

I suppose our State lawmakers aren't concerned about our children obtaining illegal drugs that can kill them. Since I don't see such GPS requirements for those convicted of selling drugs. Btw. More kids die from illegal drug use than there are victims of sex crimes for all ages. Seems to me …

blasterrat1 commented on Improvements to park coming along

Meanwhile, the cities infrastructure continues to crumble. Water for the most part taste nasty and is undrinkable. When it rains sewage spews out of several manholes all over the city. Many yards are flooded for days after heavy rain due to inadequate drainage. Many streets are narrow and in…

blasterrat1 commented on Trump's priority

Bob: What will these people do with the millions of tax dollars they might save as you claim from Trump's tax plan? A million bucks ain't much good to have if your plan is to not spend it! I tell you Bob. Those rich folk you speak of are just teaming with joy. Get to save billions. Without…

blasterrat1 commented on Hearing draws much discussion

I am just asking that you guys do the right thing? Lol good luck with that. Farmington always misleads. Remember the one cent sales tax for a shopping center? Yeah the one where they were to use the money to fix drainage problems. Well 3 years later we have new store fronts, new buildings f…

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