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Because there were no current photos of the organization's backpack stuffing and delivery due to COVID-19, several photos from previous years were provided by the department for us to use with the story.

I think you should be in good shape being able to catch a train in Arcadia by late November. [smile]

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They were minor matters that are brought up by CPAs on almost all small business/board/organization audits. They have all been taken care of by the board.

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The information the Daily Journal received from the Leadbelt Patriot Guard gave an undetermined end time for donation pick ups on Friday and Saturday.

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blasterrat1, I wouldn't be too hard on the guest speaker. He merely shaped his message to the audience to whom he was speaking. Wouldn't it been odd for him to appear before a chamber group and NOT discuss the affects of drug use on businesses? If he were invited to a parent group I'm sure h…