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The first night of the 24th annual Big River Chautauqua, the theme of which is "A Night of Laughter, Gossip and Magic," started off with a ban…

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It is obvious by the response of the crowd that Elsa Wolff gave a spot-on portrayal of Minnie Pearl during the first night of the Big River Ch…

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Elsa Wolff brought her portrayal of country comedian Minnie Pearl to the stage for the first night of the annual Big River Chautauqua held Thu…

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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is recommending that visitors to St. Joe State Park in Park Hills not swim in Pim Lake due to hig…

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Swimming at Pim Lake in St. Joe State Park in Park Hills is not being recommended at this time after the lake was placed on an advisory status…

A bittersweet meeting of two families forever bonded by an act of selfless love and sacrifice took place earlier this month on an Indiana corn farm.

Lisa Vanderkleed is comforted in by knowing that her son's death has given Lillian Wilson the chance to live.

Sarah Wilson holds her daughter, Lillian, during a recent visit to the Vanderkleed corn farm in Indiana.

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I think you should be in good shape being able to catch a train in Arcadia by late November. [smile]

kevin jenkins commented on 911 board president issues strong warning

They were minor matters that are brought up by CPAs on almost all small business/board/organization audits. They have all been taken care of by the board.

kevin jenkins commented on Items accepted for local veterans

The information the Daily Journal received from the Leadbelt Patriot Guard gave an undetermined end time for donation pick ups on Friday and Saturday.

kevin jenkins commented on Chamber learns how drugs harm businesses

blasterrat1, I wouldn't be too hard on the guest speaker. He merely shaped his message to the audience to whom he was speaking. Wouldn't it been odd for him to appear before a chamber group and NOT discuss the affects of drug use on businesses? If he were invited to a parent group I'm sure h…