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that_one _dude commented on North County hires new football coach

Dallas did good things for this program, however his loyalty to Tucker as OC is what sunk his ship. Hopefully Coach Jones will get kids fired up about football again at NC and make use of the athletes they have. NC needs to commit to conditioning the way FHS has and focus on getting as many …

Thank you Dan Ward for standing up for the citizens and more importantly the schools of St. Francois County, A fine example of Big Business not paying their fair share

that_one _dude commented on Wilkinson wins in runoff election today

Cost the County 30 grand to come up with the same result

that_one _dude commented on Central players suspended

wonder if this effects the prosecutors decision to drop the charges from the last time Harlow covered something up

might invest in a razor and a iron

I am sure there is a lot more to this, sounds like someone got a little more than they bargained for, "all four were cited for assault, that doesn't happen when someone is just trying to explain why they honked....

that_one _dude commented on Bonne Terre council looks to grow tax base

What they don't mention is that Desloge does have a real estate tax, and Desloge enforces codes and ordinances with delinquent properties etc. Something Bonne Terre has never done, who wants to move to a town like that, when your neighbors can have junk cars on the lawn with dogs running loo…

That guy used to be a deputy sheriff

What dfs worker placed this baby with these fools? Should have taken custody. Lazy dfs work

NC has never supported the wrestling program, they would get more athletes out for wrestling if they cared enough to spend some money on the program, its sad for the kids who would have a chance to get a scholarship etc. , NC offers no support while Central Farmington and Ste. gen have excel…

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